The year is 2021.

Area 51 (a highly classified United States Air Force facility) experiences a major cyber attack from an unknown group of individuals. The attack results in leaks of never-before-seen top secret files and documents. Scattered between the leaked data are records of ALIENS that have been captured since the establishment of Area 51 in 1955.

The leaked documents show that each captured extraterrestrial was profiled by the facility’s scientists. These profiles contain each alien’s photograph, name, age, sex, origin planet and the date it was captured. Coincidence or not, the leaked Area 51 documents contain records of exactly 51 alien.

Unfortunately, no more information was obtained during the massive data leak. It is not known what kind of experiments were conducted on the aliens and whether they are still being kept in the facility.

Were the aliens released back to their planets? Or were they integrated into human society and are living among us to this day? This, we may never know…